Bellas princesas

In 2012 we established a girls’ house in collaboration with Proniño Honduras. Here, young girls are offered a safe, permanent place to live. The girls live in the house until they have completed their education and are at least 18 years old. Even after they have left the house, they are still offered guidance to continue learning and practicing self-sufficiency.

The girls have all had to deal with violence and / or sexual exploitation, often by close relatives or neighbors. They have been placed by child protective services at Proniño to save them from the life they were previously forced to lead.

(Sexual) violence against girls and women is a major problem in Honduras and a large proportion of the victims are girls between 8 and 19 years old. A project like “Bellas Princesas” in Honduras is therefore of great importance.

Together with Proniño we offer the girls a home in the “Bellas Princesas” house. They share a stable and safe environment where a supervisor is always present when the girls are home. The supervisors provide guidance, love, healthy food, and a good education. In addition, the girls receive psychological guidance and care. For example, every weekend the girls receive a day of therapy and counseling from a female psychologist to support them in handling their traumas.

At home the girls do their homework, alternate household tasks, and cook with supervision in order to build autonomy and prepare for life as young adults. The girls are given access to external schooling and all necessary medical care.

Of course there is always time for fun activities like dancing, football, helping with the agricultural project, reading, playing and more!

We aim to open a second girls’ house, so that we can receive a total of 20 girls and provide them with the basis for a better future.