Part of our mission at Homeless Child is partnering with companies in order to structurally support the projects in Honduras. Such a partnership can consist of:

Structural financial support
This is desperately needed to take good care of the children and to offer them a future through vocational training.


Knowledge transfer to improve vocational training
The children currently have the option of internally following a baker’s course, agricultural training, electrical engineering training and woodworking.
In addition, we also want to offer training in the fields of computer skills, tourism and languages, hairdressing, and construction.

In exchange for your partnership, Homeless Child can offer the following:
  • Supervision of one or more representatives of your company during a (work) visit to the projects in Honduras. In this way you gain more insight into the destination of the donated funds and you are more aware of the results achieved.
  • Offer to be listed as a partner on the website and in our annual report.
  • A presentation about the projects for employees in order to increase awareness and strengthen the bond with your company.
  • Support with communication about the collaboration, for example by making our documentary, photo material and other information available.
  • Naturally, Homeless Child is accountable for the use of donated amounts and any other form of support.