In 2007, we entered into a partnership with the Asociación Hondurena de la Mujer y Familia (AHMF). This organisation was set up in the city of San Pedro Sula in 1997. It is run by and for Honduran women and has now spread to six other cities. In 1999, it started up in Progreso and is run by a female doctor and director, both of whom now have years of experience in this area of work.

This partnership was created with the vision that women who have a choice will have fewer children and will be able to offer each child the chance at a decent life.

The primary focus was on sexual healthcare and family planning. For example, we set up a project to support the poorest women in the city with a program offering counselling on the contraception that they wish to use and sexual healthcare. This program has since been extended to cover womens’ rights. Counselling on female health and diseases, which often affect women such as breast cancer and cervical cancer, has also been included. On top of this, we would like to offer women access to breast screening and cervical smear tests.

Our program with AHMF also gives advice on aspects of hygiene, such as brushing your teeth, using clean drinking water, and hygiene with babies and children. Together we are working hard on empowering dignity, self-respect and womens’ rights.

In 2018, AHMF was active in 12 of the poorest districts in El Progreso with approximately 1,100 women participating in the program. At the moment, the program is expanding with the goal of eventually reaching 2000 women in 23 of the poorest districts to provide counseling and assistance as well as involving men and children in the womens’ efforts.

In addition, we are looking at offering assistance and counseling to groups of young girls between 10 and 19 years of age.  This is due to the prevalence of sexual abuse and teenage pregnanciesof which many are unwanted.

looking at offering assistance and counselling to the younger target group of girls between 10 and 19 years old.  This is due to the prevalence of sexual abuse and many teenage pregnancies of which most are unwanted.