The Homeless Child Foundation was established in 2002 to make a modest contribution to restoring the balance between rich and poor in the world. We do this in Honduras by empowering dignity, human rights, and self-sufficiency in abused, abandoned, and vulnerable children and women who lack opportunities. Transparency and local empowerment are critical to our success and making sure our cooperative partnerships are as effective as possible. Most of all, we want the amazing work being done by Hondurans for Hondurans to be recognized and encouraged as a successful model for international and local collaboration.

Since its foundation, Homeless Child has supported the local Honduran organization Proniño, an initiative to offer street children permanent care. Since 2002 our mission has been to take care of boys between the ages of 6 and 18 to build self-esteem and self-sufficiency. See the Las Flores project for more information.

In 2012 we established a girls’ home in collaboration with Proniño. Here, girls between the ages of 6 and 18 are offered a safe, permanent place to live. See the Bellas Princesas project.

As a result of our shared vision that women who have a choice and access to using contraceptives will have fewer children and can offer each child a better chance at a decent life, we’ve sustained a partnership with “Asociación Hondureña Mujer y Familia” through a program providing resources and training in women’s rights, health, and hygiene. See the AHMF project.


Our objectives


Homeless Child exists to contribute to restoring balance in the world by working for disadvantaged children and women in Honduras.

We strive to enable them to build independent and stable lives in sustainable ways.


Long-term goals


  1. Provide basic needs for vulnerable children like a safe home, healthy food, love, guidance, and education.
  2. Support children and young adults in becoming aware of their own knowledge and skills and successfully deploying this in their adult lives.
  3. Gender equality; creating equal opportunities for girls and women.
  4. Work towards functional and financial independence of the organizations and individuals with whom we work locally.