I’ve been volunteering with Homeless Child since being introduced to the foundation by a volunteer in 2015. I began as a volunteer teacher with The Children’s Home Project (TCHP) and Pronino giving English lessons to the children who wanted to learn English and helping organize activities for four months. In addition to these lessons, I carried out a number of projects for Homeless Child, including the sporting activities project. This project encourages the children to participate in training and team activities like volleyball, basketball, and football or individual ones like frisbee and obstacle courses for health and enjoyment. In collaboration with Pronino and TCHP, I facilitated family visits with a large number of children in 2015 and 2016. In addition to these programs, I occasionally helped Manon and Evelyne with the ‘Social Skills for Pronino employees’ program in 2016.
I’m grateful to maintain collaborations and relationships with our colleagues Haley and Jenny from TCHP and of course Tania Canales, the director of Proniño. My professional background is in entrepreneurship and education as well as finance, which helps me to fulfill my responsibilities as treasurer. Being a part of the board allows me to ensure that communication and reporting runs smoothly within three languages and cultures. On top of that, I want to support old and new volunteers with everything I can!