Year-end campaign 2021


2022: The year of women in Honduras

At Homeless Child we wanted to close this year with a report from two board members, Manon and Michael, about their visit to Honduras. We wanted to draw attention to Asosación Hondureña de la Mujer y Familia (AHMF) who are doing wonderful work for women and family planning in a country that, like the rest of the world, is suffering from the effects of Covid. Because of the pandemic, AHMF is experiencing even more problems in reaching vulnerable groups.

This is how we wanted to close the year and then the news came that Honduras has elected its first female president! This strengthens us in our thoughts to focus on the care for women and families in Honduras through the Homeless Child Foundation.

Honduras is entering a new phase, one that will hopefully contribute to the well-being of women and families that have hitherto been barely seen. We are happy to contribute to this worthy effort and that is why we are setting up an end-of-year promotion for AHMF. All general donations Homeless Child receives in the months of December and January will go to disadvantaged women in Honduras!